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Hemorrhoid Treatment Device
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Hemorrhoid Treatment Device

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50, 000 PCS/Year
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The proper electromagnetic panel of the Hemorrhoids Device is composed of more than 50 Microelement. Under certain temperature, it can be heated and produce electromagnetic waves With different wave length. The device transmite the FIR magnetic waves through the hole, Which act in the anus areas of human body, rise the temperature of subcutaneous part, activate Histiocyte. And the micro blood vessel dilates, the blood circulation is accelerated, so to enhance The metabolism of histiocyte. The venous gore gobbets around the lower end of Recta, anal canal are eliminated gradually. The vena circumfluence will be unblocked, and it is Good for Hemorrhoids.

1. Subside swelling, treat inflammation, relieve itching and pain;
2. Improve blood circulation and metabolism. Enhance the vigour of cells and adjust Physiological function efficiently;
3. Improve the varicose vein of anus part, prevent the falling off and bleeding of hemorrhoids, Unblock the embolism and close up the surface of world;
It is good for some sympotoms such as itching, hematochezia which are caused by hemorrhoids, and could be applied to every kinds of hemorrhoids and eczema of anus.
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